Pobre Juan

We´ve had the pleasure of working with one of the best restaurants in Brazil, famous for its prime cuts and superb wine cellars. While working for Pobre Juan, we had to get a lot of the tools in the box in order to fulfill the requirements, from photo and video to marketing analytics, in order to reach the best results while setting the standard for the future.


Build internal processes and structures, through team training and creation of essential materials, in order to guarantee consistency and solidity for all the group's communication.

  • Strategy

    Marketing, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Photo, Video

  • Client

    Pobre Juan

01 // Project Overview

Modern and
cutting-edge approach
creating brand equity.

From the color temperature of the light bulb above the tables to the time it takes from a steak to go from the fridge to the grill, the success of this brand can be justified by the quality of the products and services, as well as the precise processes running like a well oiled machine.

While inside, we were in charge of defining new processes, creating automation routines and training the team to set up a real marketing department, actually integrated with other areas inside the company.

02 // Challenges

Branding made
right, made from
the inside.

The true nature of this consultancy job was way beyond the pictures taken and files sent. It was the culmination of years of expertise into a plan that was shared and seen by the whole company. Each staff member knew their part and importance in the big picture, and that´s what made it all possible. A plan to leverage the brand indentity, to define a visual language and understand the public. 

03 // Approach

Solidifying the brand and the way people think and feel about a restaurant.

We applied the full-stack structure for our working workflow processes, where we can mix and match specialities in order to better suit the client´s needs.

04 // Statistics

Project by the numbers.



Everything from social media to the menu, from texts to layouts and videos.



Automation and new processes to improve the way the company makes business.


Markets Campaigns

With great public, come great media, and with it, the most demanding needs.

05 // What We Did


Full-stack Enterprise
Media Management

From social media to luxury magazines, we handled all the requirements in order to provide our client with the necessary tools to keep up with its high demanding market.

Google Analytics &

Being able to know who were the potencial clients, and where they were, was essencial to most of the applied strategies, allowing precise actions to take place.

Marketing and Media Planning

Since the first day, we knew the challenge wasn´t going to be a small one. Every touch point with every costumer cluster was reviewed and enhanced. 

Marketing Campaigns &
Content Creation

Of course planning comes with an execution, so we created all the content (text, photos, videos, posts etc.), managed the campaigns and measured the results. 

06 // Let’s Collaborate

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