Design Direction UI/UX June 3, 2020

462 Brewpub

We’ve created a unique visual system across the wide existing spectrum of the brand. From the wall colours and materials used during the construction process to the way the labels would be drawn, every single detail had its inspiration in the victorian times and the railroad expansion period.


Create a brand from scratch for a brewpub.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy

  • Design

    Art Direction, Product Design

  • Client

    462 Brewpub

01 // Project Overview

Modern approach to an
old-looking brand.

We harnessed all the references we could find about the time and place where the old railway and historical steam locomotive made their stand, bringing life to the village.

02 // Challenges

Branding from naming to product labeling.

The owners had an empty lot and a dream, but no idea about how to set up a brand. Our inspiration came from the steam locomotive that stops in front of it, and the notation used to describe locomotives based on its axes.

03 // Approach

Historical awareness creating identity and brand equity

Once in a historical village, our mission was clear: bring back old values and ambiance, creating a starting point from where the brand would unfold.

04 // What We Made



Visual identity, product labels, menu, ambient design and much more.


SEO, copyright, rich content, photography, design and SEO. 

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